Postmenopause research

I am researching the embodied experience of postmenopause.

Would you like to talk to me about your experience of being postmenopausal?

I am interested in the experience of being postmenopausal – what is this like in everyday life, living in the world, in our changing bodies?

Your experience can help therapists and counsellors better understand what it is like to be postmenopausal. This is particularly important as postmenopause lasts from a quarter to a third of our lives yet it is rarely considered in the wider scope of menopause research.

I am focusing on the personal, embodied experience; what is it like to live in the world, in your body? How does it show up for you on an everyday basis? What is it like to be being postmenopausal, for you, now?

Whatever your experiences – good, difficult, indifferent, problematic – I am interested in hearing about all facets of being postmenopausal, especially from an embodied perspective.

I particularly welcome you to get in touch if you feel that your voice or your experience has not been heard or is rarely shared.

Follow this link for more information if you would like to participate.

About me and my research.